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Who We Are

BST Home Inspections is a multi inspector organization that operates under the most rigorous care and abiding by our adopted Code of Ethics and Standards of Practices from one of the most recognized and respected inspection trade organizations, InterNACHI. All of our inspectors are fully certified and have many years of experience in the Residential and Commercial inspection business. 

With over 12 years of verifiable experience, our founder and owner Benji Sotomayor opted to go on his own and begin the journey to make this organization one of the best in the market, exceeding all expectations and 

challenges that confront our expertise. One of the most important trades of BST Home Inspectors is that, if we do not have the answers at the time of inspection, we will do our homework and use our vast resources to find it. We are always learning and committed to continue furthering our education. Our client is our priority, we are hired by You, and we only respond to You. You might come to know us through a Realtor, Appraiser or other professional, in the industry but always remember that we do not profit from the sale or purchase of the real estate. We only profit by giving you the best service and guaranteeing YOU that the property you are about to buy is what you expect.

Benji Sotomayor have been involved in the residential and commercial construction and inspection business for over 12 years, as said before. Also, have over 10 years experience inspecting multi-million dollar construction projects for Counties, Cities and The Florida Department Of Transportation. These experience is the culmination of years of training, education, experimentation, argument, failure, and breakthroughs while performing his duties and always maintaining a perfect Ethical record.

Keep your mind at ease at all times because we work for YOU.

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